Sponsorship Marketing

Driving brands forwards through culture

We are tired of Sponsorship being handed down to marketers from CEO or board members’ interests. We help marketers proactively find their audience through their audiences passion points and connect in valuable ways which drive businesses forward. We help markets get ahead of gut-feel requests and ‘rightsholder’ sell-ins by being strategic and proactive about their involvement.

An audience and rights-holder analysis is frequently a healthy way to begin. We often have supported our clients to help articulate what sponsorship’s role is and then used various resources lying dormant inside of businesses to help build a series of recommendations on optimising this.

We often have a deep understanding of our growing audiences, but rarely proactively seek and start strategic conversations with rightsholders. Our ‘Audience Search Product’ starts with our consumer group’s business or marketing objectives and finds where that audience’s attention is in moments of disproportionate opportunities to be noticed and communicated with.

Our team, across their careers, has been involved in various negotiations. By leading or playing a supporting consulting role, our team can give the internal team the bandwidth and expertise to conduct this confidently.

Bringing the integrated skillsets of the agency around sponsorship is what allows us to not focus on ‘what we can make’ but rather ‘what moves the business forward’. Our planner designs activity programs aligned with agreed objectives and bring specialists and creatives together to maximise impact.

Outstanding Creativity is the second biggest factor in any profitable marketing activity (after business size). We are biased towards highly original ideas, unmistakably engaging and work within the resources to be beautifully crafted.

In a streamlined internal marketing team, the additional management of another stakeholder can make or break for a potential partnership. Our account management team can take the day-to-day management of the rightsholder from the team leaving access for more strategic and less frequent engagement as required directly.