Our People & Culture

We’ve designed an industry-leading people program that deliberately

develops Australia’s strategic and creative thinkers.

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Our Values

Reconnecting with Ourselves

We understand that in order to achieve our aspirations, we need both deeply know ourselves and share this openly with others, so they can support us to develop toward them.

Reconnecting with Others

We know that giving and receiving feedback isn’t always comfortable, but that it is a generous act of selflessness which enables us to individually and collectively grow.

Reconnecting with Integrity

We operate in a culture built upon social capital and phycological safety, which not only fosters honesty but expects it in every moment for us all to thrive.

Reconnecting with Outstanding

We individually and collectively value ambition, leading us to continuously challenge our limits and help other to achieve theirs.

Our Culture

At Reconnected, we embrace the essence of being a Deliberately Developmental Organisation
(DDO). Our policies align with our commitment to personal and professional development.


Some of our key policies are below:


  • Working from Home – We value human interaction, for our environment to work we need to be present physical, build social capital. At Reconnected we have adopted a flexible approach to work. Our human approach recognises that all employees are different and as such everyone has different needs and different preferred ways of working. Broadly speaking, we work to the 3 days in, 2 days from home rule. All we ask is that you are clear on what you need to succeed, you manage your client’s needs and that of your team around you and in turn, we will do the same. There will be common days in the office in our physical work space and others whereby you are free to work from home or wherever you desire.

  • Parental Leave – Being a human focused culture means that we recognise and appreciate family. We know that having a baby is one of the most exciting times of your life and you need time to prepare and manage this incredible time. To this end we have developed a gender neutral policy whereby the primary carer can take up to 20 weeks leave and the secondary carer 5 weeks. This is in addition to your government entitlements.

  • Reconnected Day – Every year ahead of key performance reviews and planning sessions, we will give you access to a Reconnected Day, a day where you can reflect, assess and reconnect with your own goals and development.

  • Coaching + Development – We are all about creating a culture of continuous feedback at Reconnected. You will always know where you stand with us and we expect the same from you. We want to invest in you and ensure professionally, we build your brand while you are with us. We want all Reconnected employees to complete the courses assigned during their tenure here. This will make us better marketers and help us solve our clients problems.

Dive deeper into all of our People Policies here.

After leaving a variety of environments that felt counter intuitively wrong to our founders, they set off to find a different way. 

The intent was to develop a people program that led the business as a foundational pillar, not a compliance after thought. 

Academically, we synced with Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey’s developmental psychology research and their paradigm shifting playbook of deliberately developmental organisations (DDO). 

Every DDO in the world is unique in practice, but have some key consistent threads. A disproportionate focus and always-on focus on developmental feedback, a culture built to create safety and remove ego and rituals that moment-to-moment continually keep these front of mind. 

We call them Home (Environment & Culture),  Groove (Our daily rituals) and Edge (Our developmental Areas). 

We have dozens of applications of these but some of the stand-out practices include weekly 1:1 coaching sessions reflecting on edges, 6-monthly workshops on unlocking deep seeded resistance to change and consistently reinforcing the daily moments our edges will be tested with our team mates.  

You’re at your desk early, keen to tackle the day. A quick glance at monday.com sets your priorities straight, then you’re off to Vacation for your essential, albeit pricey, morning coffee. Back at your desk, you align your to-do list with your personal growth ‘edges’ before the team gathers.

At the morning kick-off, Nici reminds everyone of the week’s focus areas—those ‘edges’ we’re all working on. Today, you’ve flagged a meeting that’ll challenge you, and you give Gio a heads-up; it’s about pushing your understanding of creative commitment in marketing, and you’re geared up for it.

The day shifts into high gear, bouncing between Slack, monday.com, and steering clear of the email black hole. You spend the morning deep in marketing theory, breaking down creative commitment, piecing together how this concept will sharpen the client solution you’re advocating for.

Post-client meeting, feedback comes quick and honest. You take it on the chin, then with the same candor, you nudge a teammate about their ‘edge’. It’s all in the spirit of growth.

Later, in a brainstorming session, the team’s vibe makes it easy to keep egos in check. Ideas bounce around the room; everyone’s heard, and when someone gets off-track, it’s cool to realign.

The day wraps, and you head out, already plotting tomorrow’s angle on your ‘edges’, ready to mix theory with practice for even better client outcomes.

Joining Us

We’re always looking for eager, ambitious talent ready to reconnect with themselves and join an environment deliberately designed to be different. Currently, we’re actively seeking people for the below roles:

Expressions of Interest – All Roles.


We’re open to expressions of interest from people that want to learn more about our culture and what we do. Please feel free to contact us or send a note to nici.henningsen@reconnected.marketing

Are you a freelancer or small agency that wants to work with us? Our roster of creatives, strategists and channel specialists is incredibly important to the work we do, and we’re always looking for more great people to work with. Please feel free to contact us or send a note to nici.henningsen@reconnected.marketing.

We’re deliberately different, and our interview process reflects that. We’ve broken it into 2 stages, each with a key focus on getting to know you (and you getting to know us!). We promise to not waste your time, and we’re committed to providing feedback on every interview


First Stage 

80% Business, 20% Culture


In our first chat, we’ll give you some context on who we are, the role we’re hiring for and, most importantly, get to know you a bit better. At this stage, we’ll be keen to understand your experience and technical capabilities, and answer any questions you have for us. 80% business, 20% culture.


Second Stage

20% Business, 80% Culture


This is where we want to get to know the real you, not the mask that we’ve all been known to put on in an interview. We’ll get you to write and share your Narrative, one of the initial stages of our people development process, and dive deeper into the environment we are creating. We’ll be mostly focused on cultural fit here, but will also make time to close out the interview with any follow questions either of us have on the work or the business.