Activation Design

Design your marketing plans by looking after the short-term, first.

Our feature service is consulting to co-design marketing programs starting with the short term activation requirements. This is designed to enable the redistribution of funds into brand-focused activities with clarity and confidence.

Field & Binet have given us a practical blueprint for business growth. Marketing can take ownership of future demand and can eventually drive business strategy. It seems impossible with such disparate activities causing data inconguity and a lack of fluidlity and focus between activities.

We want CMO’s leading boardrooms.

Marketers are experts in the markets future needs and behviours. CEO’s projecting growth need confidence in the future demand for the product and services. We are living through the tipping point of business growth academia allowing marketers to progress to taking accountability for that growth.

‘50% is working,
I just don’t know which 50%’

The shifting of funds from ‘activation’ to ‘brand’ is near-on impossible. However, when fragmented workstreams from specialist agencies bring different agendas, perspectives and layers of cost that require a disproportionate amount of management, how could you know what portion is working confidently enough to reallocate the funds?

We needed to break down walls and reconnect

Marketers need a different type of specialism. A channel-agnostic team who can help answer the question, ‘how do I make the most money from 40% of my marketing budget this year?’. The unit can design the activation program in line with brand & media agencies and access the unique blend of specialists required to deliver on that.

Activation is the missing specilaism, not a another channel.

Custom built for Activation

Our activation design team is orientated to your business’s commercial performance. We build programs of work with cascading objectives that orchestrate the type of idea and critical moments that we must be present to create the most significant impact on the business.

How we do this

Through a series of workshops, exercises and immersions, our consultants work through a process built to uncover the activation design.

Business objectives

Marketing role & goals

Define category entry points

Brand strategy

Activation strategy

Marketing plan