About Us

How we do it

We lean into Human
We lead with empathy for our audience, clients and partners. It’s how we conduct business and communicate on behalf of our clients.
We don’t drift into the middle
The ‘middle’ is ignored and stagnant. Everything we are after exists on the edge.
We run towards the fire
We create partnerships which get louder, more direct and more collaborative when problems arise. We help each other when we are stumbling.
We have a sense of humor and perspective
We are deadly serious about great work, but equally levelled out about the need for us all to have a laugh and play.
We continuously improve
We do the opposite of ego. We start knowing even our strongest programs, people and projects have room to improve.

We believe in marketing

We believe its value impacts future customer demand and business performance. So much so that we passionately believe more CMOs should be CEOs. We need a better financial and strategic view of our performance marketing to demonstrate this importance. It is currently complicated with a fragmented, misaligned suite of performance or specialist agencies. Our activation agency model aims to provide a single interface that looks after the ‘short’ through ‘activation design’ that creates time, investment and focus for brand efforts.

This is a performance marketer's problem to fix

The best problems to solve as a business are the ones that founders can’t sleep at night until they are solved. That is how Reconnected was founded. After 10+ years working in a fragmented agency group focused on BTL marketing – the effectiveness and disconnection from the business needed to be addressed. The need to uncomplicate performance marketing needs to be solved from a fresh slate, built for today’s business climate and technology and not shackled by big agency group politics or systems.






When our budgets get smaller, we know it’s working

We know we have this right when year after year our budgets can be confidently reallocated to long-term, brand-focused activity to help drive future demand. With 90% of budgets focused on activation-based marketing, our mission is to go on the journey with CMOs to sustainably manage their activity to a more equitable 60-40 split.

All in the service of enabling creativity​​

Our strategic rigour and boundless production design is all in service of enabling the most disruptive, creative ideas possible. This is the most significant controllable variable of marketing effectiveness, which we look to maximise.