At Reconnected, our shopper marketing approach centres on understanding and leveraging category entry points – those crucial moments where buying occasions turn into transactions. We delve deep into the psyche of the consumer, using sophisticated tools to unearth insights about how, when, and why they buy.

Our shopper marketing strategy is driven by a philosophy that sees the shopper not just as a buyer, but as a participant in a broader narrative. We create shopping experiences that resonate on a personal level, meeting people in the moment with targeted conversion led messaging that works.

By focusing on the moments that matter in the consumer journey, we turn shopping experiences into brand-building opportunities, delivering strategies that are as commercially savvy as they are creative.

Key Services:

Our suite of services is tailored to build not just a purchase, but a lasting brand relationship, ensuring your brand doesn’t just meet the market but shapes it.

Shopper Insight Analysis & Strategy
Brand and Category Activation
Joint business planning 
Integrated Shopper Campaigns
Customer Journey Mapping
Retail Partnership Development
Trade Marketing Strategy
In-store Experience Enhancement

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