Agency Project Service


Agency Project Service is crafted for marketing leaders seeking comprehensive support on ambitious projects that outstrip their existing resources. This service is ideal when there is a need for full-service expertise to navigate complex business initiatives, particularly when a nuanced understanding of the category is key to unlocking a competitive edge.

The process rigorously examines category entry points, utilizing sophisticated tools to deeply understand new markets, audience segments, or acquisitions. This thorough analysis is pivotal in crafting strategies that are balanced across the 4Ps—Price, Product, Place, and Promotion—beyond the traditional agency focus on Promotion alone.

The result is a strategy with a laser focus on the category and customer needs, identifying crucial demand moments and optimizing brand and sales activations around them. This leads to an integrated marketing strategy that transcends mere communications, offering holistic business value.

Following the strategy phase, Reconnected’s channel experts collaborate with the internal team to develop and implement a comprehensive go-to-market plan, ensuring excellence in channel strategy, creative direction, and execution.

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